Beetleweight (3Lb) Combat Robot

Beetleweight (3Lb) Combat Robot

Trevor Dunn, Haley Couch

Faculty: Daniel Jones

This capstone project focuses on the design and development of a combat robot named “Steel Slinger.” The robot is designed to compete in the combat robotics arena, where it will face off against other robots in a battle to determine the winner.

The robot is a 3lb horizontal spinner that utilizes a hub motor and a plastic body for its design. The use of a hub motor provides the robot with significant power and speed, while the plastic body offers durability and resistance to damage.

The robot performed well at the 2023 March NHRL competition in Norwalk Connecticut achieving a record of two wins and two losses over the course of the competition.

Overall, “Steel Slinger” represents an innovative approach to combat robotics design and has the potential to be a highly competitive and successful robot in the arena.