Underground Greens: Value-Added Product Development and Workshop Series

Christina Carambia, Robert Edgell

MBA Technology, College of Business, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Utica, NY, USA

Project Management Inc. (PMI) is a fictitious company created by Christina Carambia, Judine John, and Michele Martin to complete the objective of developing a project management plan to solve challenges faced by Underground Greens (UGG), as part of the coursework requirements of the TIM 500: Project Management course at SUNY Polytechnic Institute.
Underground Greens (UGG), a sustainable and organic specialty-produce farm, founded by Christina Carambia in 2014, experienced a transformation from a start-up to a local brand in New York State before reverting to a hobby farm due to COVID-19 shutdowns. Facing the challenge of revenue diversification and community reconnection post-pandemic, UGG aims to implement the “Underground Greens: Value-Added Product Development and Workshop Series” project in collaboration with Project Manager Inc.(PMI).
Key objectives include community engagement, generating additional revenue, and evaluating project success through workshop attendance, feedback, and product exposure. Despite constraints such as budget limitations, time constraints, and regulatory requirements, the project scope encompasses research, development, and marketing of at least one workshop, as well as exploration of developing VAPs in the future.
The project’s statement of work outlines deliverables, including workshop curriculums, VAP research and development, marketing materials, and community engagement, which results in actionable data. The key milestone is the successful completion of the first workshop session on or before April 26th, 2024.
By engaging the community and offering hands-on experiences, UGG aims to strengthen its brand presence, promote new products, and cultivate loyal customers, aligning with its goals of sustainability, community connection, and financial viability.


34-TIM500 Underground Greens Value Added Product Development and Workshop Series – Christina Carambia