Bedside Shift Report – A Quality Initiative

Viktoriya Montik, Caitlin Reilly, Kate Drake, Jason Arjune, Amy Weaver

Nursing, College of Health Sciences, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Utica, NY, USA

Bedside shift report (BSR) impacts patient care and outcomes. How a bedside shift report is performed may determine whether negative or positive results will arise. The purpose of this proposal is to educate and assess registered nurses on proper bedside reporting done at change of shift. The focus is on one medical-surgical unit comprised of twenty single beds. It is anticipated that after implementation of education and continuous reevaluation, the compliance rate of proper bedside shift reports of registered nurses will be at least ninety percent after an eight-week period. Evaluation and reeducation will be necessary to ensure that a proper bedside report is being performed every shift, and being performed properly. Weekly educational development sessions during lunch breaks over a four-week period will establish competence and compliance. The utilization of SBAR, safety checks, engagement strategies, and checklists are some of the strategies implemented to better the BSR report process. The comprehensive timeline and estimated budget are taken into account for the proposed BSR quality initiative.

Online presentation