Encrypted Secure Communication System

Thomas Morell, Michael Wilder, Brandon Carlough, Priyangshu Sen

Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Utica, NY, USA

In network communication, ensuring security against malicious actors is essential. This project presents a novel encrypted variable-modulation communication system designed to provide secure and reliable data transmission. Leveraging encrypted communication and varied modulation techniques, the system safeguards digital data communication between end users. Key attributes include modulation, encryption, and orthogonality to ensure high data rate with minimized error rate. The hardware of the system utilizes Adalm Pluto SDRs for signal transmission and retrieval. Security measures include encryption through the DES algorithm with frequent key changes and modulation variation, creating a highly secure communication environment. A test plan details the system performance in terms of goodput, initialization time, and bit error rate. Applications span various industries, including military, healthcare, and smart homes. The system is designed with future innovation in mind, paving the way towards advanced small-scale wireless networks with adequate security for the modern age.