Smart Power Storage System

Sean Kelly, Justyn Nunez-Rozario, Kyle Clark, Priyangshu Sen

Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Utica, NY, USA

Our project presents a versatile system harnessing three renewable power sources, unlike others on the market who only use one, to store energy in a rechargeable battery. The three power sources that are featured are solar, wind, and mechanical. This offers a sustainable energy solution for various applications. Utilizing our power generation and storage, the system provides standardized DC outputs, including 5V USB-C ports and direct access to the battery’s voltage. Additionally, an inverter enables the provision of AC output compatibility to provide a wider range of possible applications. Integrated IoT capabilities empower users to remotely monitor system status, sensor information, conveniently toggle the inverter on and off, and provide other features to enhance control and accessibility of the system. With its renewable energy focus, multi-output functionality, and IoT connectivity, this system represents a practical and eco-friendly solution for diverse energy needs.