MGT318-35W Final Career Exploration Project

MGT318-35W Final Career Exploration Project

Tammy Peck

Faculty: Lisa Berardino


There are many careers that a Health Information Management B.A. graduate can pursue. The attached poster highlights 7 of those career possibilities, which are summarized below:

1. Health information manager In this position you’re responsible for maintaining and ensuring the security of patient records and data. Professionals stay up to date with information technology, oversee medical record keeping teams, monitor departmental compliance with laws relating to health information systems, track trends and audit data for accuracy.

2. Medical coder This is a type of health information technician. Medical coders are responsible for reviewing all patient information, so the data can be coded properly. They are also tasked with assigning appropriate diagnoses and procedure codes for patient care, population health statistics and billing purposes. Medical coders work as a sort of a liaison between the healthcare providers and the billing offices. (This is my chosen career)

3. Data analyst Data analysts in healthcare study and compile medical data. They identify insights from medical data regarding ways to improve patient care. Using patient health data, analysts can gauge the effectiveness of certain treatments or determine the impact of cost-saving efforts and patient safety initiatives.

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