Pornography Addiction/ Abuse Research Proposal

Adelaide McDermott, Don Moore

Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Utica, NY, USA

The goal of this presentation is to inform readers of the behaviors surrounding pornography addiction, how it may affect an intimate relationship, and how college students may be affected. Through this I have researched the known history, symptoms, statistics, effects, and impacts of a pornography addiction. This has led me to find that much of the research conducted on pornography addictions has been inconclusive and ignored significant factors that are crucial to understanding the addiction entirely.
To begin my research, I first had to define what a pornography addiction is. To understand pornography addictions I had to research the history of addictions and the differing perspectives throughout the years to better understand the problems that may arise because of the addiction. Further, I have researched studies performed by other scholars regarding pornography addictions, revealing several faults. Thus, this research has led me to create my own study proposal.
Since my study is not yet fully developed, I would like to obtain advice from others. In addition to modeling my future study after those which I have already read and reviewed as part of my research, the advice I may receive from others may be beneficial in ensuring that I am answering the questions I need to answer, and that I am not disregarding any groups in the study. With the help of others, I hope my research leads to conversations of designing initiatives to be implemented at the college level that will alleviate the problems I have found. This may include giving talks to incoming freshmen, and giving additional education and resources to staff in health centers regarding addiction.