S.O.A.R.K Smart Orthotic Arm Research and Kinematics

John Franklin, Daniel Jones

Mechanical Engineering Technology, College of Engineering, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Utica, NY, USA

This capstone project aims to address the critical need for effective rehabilitation solutions for individuals facing debilitating hand afflictions, such as stroke survivors or those with neurological disorders. The project centers on the design, development, and implementation of a sophisticated hand exoskeleton device tailored for personalized rehabilitation programs. The primary objective is to create a versatile and adaptable device capable of providing targeted therapy to enhance hand mobility, strength, and overall functionality. This exoskeleton orthotic device named “S.O.A.R.K”, pictured below. Aims to study “Smart Orthotic Arm Research and Kinematics”. The proposed hand exoskeleton leverages state-of-the-art robotics and sensor technologies to facilitate a comprehensive rehabilitation experience. The device integrates a combination of position sensors to precisely measure and analyze the user’s hand movements in real-time. This data is then processed through an intelligent control system that can output the data to the user’s orthotic, with this design both the user or a physical therapist could be in control of the rehabilitation exercises based on the individual’s specific needs and progress. Key features of the exoskeleton include an ergonomic design for comfort and prolonged use, a user-friendly interface for easy adjustment of rehabilitation parameters, and gamified elements to motivate users throughout their rehabilitation journey. The device’s modularity allows for the incorporation of additional sensors or adaptive components, ensuring scalability and compatibility with evolving rehabilitation techniques, mainly focusing on the ability to program preset commands into the exoskeleton for regularly used positions to regain the ability of using their hand in that way again. The goal is to contribute to the advancement of rehabilitation technology, fostering increased independence and improved quality of life for those facing hand-related afflictions.