Semi-Classical Trajectory of Electrons in Helium Atom

Rylie Fischer, Anthony DeVasto, Austin Matthies, Thomas Morell, Shing Chi Leung

Physics-Mathematics, College of Arts and Sciences, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Utica, NY, USA

Helium atoms are ideal cases for studying three-body problem in Coulomb’s force. It provides a semi-classical approach to probe the electrons’ trajectory. This project investigates their motion, and analyzes the dynamics of the electrons around a helium atoms nucleus using the 4th order sympletic algorithm. We studied 6,000 models to explore the dependence of orbit stability on model parameters. We further explore the ionization time of electrons in the system. Our findings provides a computationally flexible approach to study atomic structure and the complex behavior of electrons in multi-electron systems. This project provides insights on atomic structure in the semi-classical picture. ​