Nurse Burnout

Muris Arnautovic, Marissa Patterson, Mariana Ruiz, Michael Geddes, Brianna Zakris

Nursing, College of Health Sciences, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Utica, NY, USA

There are serious risks associated with burnout for people’s health, worker efficiency, and general quality of life. Its negative consequences include declining physical and mental health, lower productivity, strained relationships, and problems at work. Burnout symptoms include chronic fatigue, irritability, and a sense of withdrawal from one’s personal and professional life. If burnout is not managed, it can worsen and result in physical and mental health problems like heart disease and immune system dysfunction, as well as more serious mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Furthermore, the effects of burnout extend beyond the individual and have an immediate impact on organizations as well due to lower morale, greater absences, and worse performance. For these reasons, intervention strategies are desperately needed. This proposal aims to solve the issue of burnout.

Online presentation.